Pre-Con Services

From conceptual budgeting to detailed estimating and value engineering, our experienced staff here at Dollar are ready to serve & tailor our estimates to the client's preconstruction needs:

Budgeting & Conceptual Estimates

As a service to many of our clients, Dollar's preconstruction team gets involved in the early "schematic" stages of document design, and provides estimating services throughout their development as an effort to help our clients insure their project's design remains within the constraints of their budget.

3D Modeling

Dollar utilizes both OST "On-Screen" and Trimble Tekla's "3-D Construction Modeling" programs, which allow us to perform quick and accurate quantity take-off and prepare / update estimates for our clients. Our ability to overlay electronic documents helps quickly identify changes in updated documents, and our 3-D modeling capability allows us to create a present a visual model of the scope.

Design Assist & Constructability

Our experience and expertise in the various aspects of concrete construction allows us the opportunity to advise the client with regard to maximizing efficiency of detail with regard to constructability, cost and schedule.

Preliminary Scheduling

Our staff can provide task durations and preliminary schedules for the scope of our work, so to assist the client in creating accurate and realistic construction schedules.

Detailed Proposals

Dollar's estimators provide extremely detailed bid proposals, clearly indicating specific scope inclusions, important bid clarifications, pricing breakdowns, and a list of any noted exclusions. Such detail eliminates last-minute questions as to exactly what scope is covered when our proposal is received on bid day.

Value Engineering

Often we are asked to offer 'Value Engineering' ideas during the design-development stages of a project, in an effort to help a client reduce cost, without sacrificing quality, function ability, or safety of the structure. Depending on the specific projects and details, we can often provide suggestions to help reduce projected costs.

Construction Services

Dollar Concrete's field management and construction crews have the experience, skill & know-how to layout, prep, form and construct a wide variety of vertical & horizontal concrete systems. Communication and early planning with the client are key to eliminating field issues and improving upon the project schedule.

Elements of Scope

  • Footings, Pile Caps, Grade Beams and Foundations
  • Cast-in-Place Walls
  • Slab-on Grade
  • Slab-on-Metal-Deck
  • Cast-in-Place Columns
  • Elevated Formed Slabs
  • Site Concrete (Curb & Gutter, Sidewalks, Concrete Paving, Walls, and Steps-on-Grade)

Rebar Detailing & Fabrication

Premier Rebar, Inc. is a Dollar-owned Company. Premier details, bends, cuts, fabricates and delivers all of the reinforcing steel and welded-wire mesh for our active construction projects. Our rebar shop and warehouse is fully-staffed & located right here on our campus in Norcross, Georgia.

Pumping & Conveyance

Dollar Concrete also owns and provides in-house pumping services for the concrete material we place on our projects.

Project Management

Every Dollar Concrete project, regardless of size, is managed by a staff project manager and superintendent from job start through closeout. All project submittal data, shop drawings, safety manuals, drawing updates & changes, scheduling, and project meetings are coordinated by and through our project management team.

Detailed Scheduling

Our management team can provide detailed information and PM schedules for our durations and sequencing of all of the activities within our project scope.

Layout & Field Engineering

If desired, Dollar's forces have the capability of handling all of the necessary layout (both horizontal & vertical) for the scope of their work.

Warranty & Closeout

Our management team works with the client to address and expedite the completion of any noted punch list related to our scope, as well as submittal of all necessary closeout information, final billings and warranties.